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I’m working on a Psychology question and need guidance to help me study.

Open the link http://www.innocenceproject.org and read the contents of the opening page. Then explore the material in more detail. Click on the various headings at the top of the page and learn about the organization and what they’ve done. Click on the link labeled “The Cases” and read about some of the cases they list. Further down on that same page, you’ll find a link labeled “The Causes,” which is very relevant to our class and lists some of the things that led to various people being falsely convicted. Spend some time and follow up on other links on the site that interest you. In a one-page paper, summarize what you learned and comment on the implications of the material. What does the Innocence Project tell you about our judicial system? How do the problems of the judicial system appear to vary state by state? How does this information tie to death penalty issues? What else have you learned from this exploration? Make sure that you make ties to the many different things we’ve learned in class that are relevant to these erroneous convictions, because your ties to course material and your ability to apply course material to the real world are the main purpose of this assignment.

Please see attached for chapter 10 lecture.

This assignment has to be one page only. This will be turned in on turnitin.com so absolutely NO PLAGIARISM!!

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