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15 Short Answer American Government Questions

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1. The president serves many different roles while in office. In a well-written essay of at least four paragraphs, identify and describe four of those roles, and provide an example of how a president might carry out, exhibit, or demonstrate each role.

2. In a well-written essay of at least two paragraphs, describe the provisions of the 22nd Amendment. Also, describe the advantages and disadvantages you see in the provisions of this amendment.

3. There are fifteen executive departments of the federal government. Choose any two of the departments and in a minimum of two paragraphs, discuss their areas of responsibility, and also your opinion as to the issue, which is, or should be, the major focus of each department today. Be sure to support your opinion with facts and ideas.

4. Imagine that the United States wants to honor a president by adding a face in the vicinity of Mount Rushmore. Based upon your understanding of individual service, accomplishments, and the success of the presidency, explain in a minimum of two well-written paragraphs, whose face should be added to the mountain?

1. The Constitution includes the right to free speech and freedom of the press. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, respond to the following questions: a. What part of the Constitution provides these guarantees? b. Name and describe at least three restrictions or limitations on these guarantees. c. Discuss which of the restrictions you find most important or necessary.

2. In a minimum of two well-written paragraphs, describe the difference between judicial activism and judicial restraint. Provide your own opinion as to which of the two is the most appropriate role for the United States Supreme Court. Be sure to support your opinion.

1. In order for our nation to be a true democracy, it is important for citizens to vote, yet in recent election, only a little over half of the eligible voters did so. A) List five factors which determine the likelihood that someone will vote and indicate which of the groups in each factor is the most likely to vote. (10 points) B) List at least three reasons why people do not choose to vote. (3 points) C) At age 18, you may be eligible to vote. Will you? Why or why not?

2. There are numerous interest groups influencing government action in the United States today. Given your personal situation, interests, activities, and aspirations, list five special interest groups, which you might consider actively supporting, at least to some degree. For each group you list, provide an action, or a piece of legislation, which you believe the group should endorse.

3. In America, we do not directly elect the individual who becomes President of the United States. Describe the indirect process by which our president is elected. Included in your discussion should be the role of the primaries/caucuses. political conventions, the voter, the Electoral College, and the House of Representatives. The student may choose to respond in well-written paragraph style or an outline format.

4. For a number of years, there have been suggestions that the current system of electing a president should be done away with. In two or three well-written paragraphs, discuss the following: the reason for the system currently used, its positive and negative points. In your opinion, would direct election be a better system? Provide supporting detail and explanation for your opinion.

1. In order to fund all of the government s responsibilities and programs, the government must bring in money. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, describe three ways the federal government obtains funds.

2. Explain in at least one well-written paragraph how the law of supply and demand controls prices. Your response will include a description of demand, supply, and the relationship between the two. Your response/explanation should use a product or commodity as an example.

3. Developing a plan for government income and spending is an annual process involving input from various government departments and agencies, as well as outside influences. List at least five government offices and/or agencies, or other influences which impact the creation of this plan. Describe the particular role each one has in the process of developing or approving the plan.

4. The American economic system is sometimes referred to as a mixed economy. In at least one well-written paragraph, and using specific examples, describe the characteristics of the American system, which make it a mixed economy.

5. Government expenditures are diverse. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, describe the various areas, items, programs that require government expenditures. (5 points) Include in your response a description of those categories, which are considered uncontrollable expenditures. (5 points) Based upon your reading and studies in this unit, describe one area where you think expenditures may be reduced, and another area where you believe expenditures should be increased.

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