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2 Short answers

I’m studying for my Law class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Please take a look in the attachment and then make a short answer for the fowling questions >>>>

Q1:You’ve read the scenario the team is dealing with at Bistro 205. You have an employee who is, by all accounts, a perfect employee. She is “offending” some of your customers by wearing a hajib at work. What should you do about this and explain WHY you came to this recommendation. Which part(s) of COVER did you use? Be sure to include an analysis of Title VII (employers cannot discriminate against employees on basis of religion).

Q2: You are putting together a “guide for managers” booklet and want to cover two specific scenarios.

1. Belligerent Customer: You have a customer that is being belligerent and threatening others. You suspect the customer is drunk. What do you advise your managers do in these circumstances and why? STEP by STEP instructions on what to do. (Your answer should include agency, tort and ethical considerations).

2. Vigilante Customer: A group of customers just “dined and dashed” (ate/drank and ran out without paying their bill). Another customer saw this happen and followed them out to the parking lot. He began a pursuit of their vehicle and called the manager to report their whereabouts. What should your manager do and why? (Your answer should include agency, tort and ethical considerations).

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