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Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


When we think about problem solving in the workplace or ministry, we must first see how to address the issue. We do not want to come off as arrogant or disrespectful. Three benefits of using case study methodology is identify the problem, what caused the problem, and how can it be solved. According to the lecture, all problems have a solution.

When it comes to both case study and research methodology, I look at case study as more as identifying the problem rather that researching it. Research methodology is more of an experiment. When it comes to solving problems dealing with the workplace or ministry, in case study, it is easier to identify the problem rather than researching or experimenting in research methodology. In the lecture, case study would rather narrow and articulate the problem. It simply means to me is what it the actual problem at hand. Another reason case study methodology is better than research methodology is, case study sees why the problem was caused and ways it affected others. In research methodology, you are researching and experimenting using data collections methods such as qualitative and quantative. Case study is better because it uses guiding questions to see as to why a problem was caused. For example, when solving a problem in the workplace or ministry, case study normally is linked with learning objectives. Case study also mainly uses secondary sources, focuses in depths an analysis, and can include documents. Research methodology should only be used if you are researching information that’s already have been researched.


The case study approach to critical thinking is utilized by reproducing the situation in it’s characteristic genuine setting. It is utilized broadly in different divisions and critical thinking is one of those. There are numerous advantages by utilizing this approach. This approach catches reality. It includes all the little subtleties that are seen typically, in actuality, and these little subtleties are particularly vital in critical thinking effectively. They can be led at different phases of the examination procedure in critical thinking. This high adaptability is of colossal preferred position to anybody.

This approach is non biased to anything in the issue existing and this is useful in light of the fact that any issue can be attached to something being interlinked with other one or somebody being biased about specific things. This approach empowers to reproduce the first circumstance for what it’s worth and along these lines nothing is close by of a specific individual. This prompts nobody settling on choices themselves since they could nit control the circumstance and subsequently bias isn’t at all conceivable. Furthermore, as of now referenced, it offers a chance to catch reality which is a component that isn’t accessible in different approaches. This reality thing is the principle reason everybody bolsters this approach.

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