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A proposal related to bone

I don’t know how to handle this Biology question and need guidance.

I want a proposal that includes an abstract/introduction, design of the study and the tests that are applied or used to get the data, results. refer to 1) to see examples of type of questions, it should not be basic, like what causes osteoporosis? please make it specific and make it to be related to bone loss or let me know if you have any other options that might be great.

these are some of the ideas of articles that I got, you can choose similar article to make the proposal about, but you must change the procedure of course and new method for the testing or new treatment or new way of diagnosing:

-Whether the rough surface is better than the smooth surface for better integration with the bone?


– Can probiotics treat peri-implantits problems in order to prevent bone loss?


– Does the length of an implant affect bone augmentation for bone substitute in posterior atrophic jaws?


This is the rubric !! please follow (6 pages double spaced 12 font)

1) Focus your proposal on a very specific topic within the Bone subject area that highlights cutting edge approaches to diagnose and/or treat the condition and or explore new ways to discover new phenomena related to your topic.
Example topics – 1) How the gut microbiome influences bone health, 2) Osteoporosis and the Piezoelectric Effect: Electrical Stimulation Therapies to Modulate Bone Density, 3) Links Between Cancer and Bone (Breast, Prostate, Leukemia, etc)

2) Take the opportunity to propose bold new ideas. Work to achieve Transformational Advances (Quantum Leaps in Learning) rather than incremental progress (Small steps). The difference comes in the level of detail and inspiration that you breathe into your topic.

3) Find a number of recent review papers/focused review papers that deal with key aspects of your topic We need to push the envelope about our understanding of bone and the conditions that impact its health and how we diagnose, treat, and restore health to compromised skeletal tissue.

4) A proposal is much more advanced than a term paper. A term paper just provides some related facts while a proposal moves beyond the facts to address cutting edge and very important phenomena that can greatly advance our understanding, heal maladies and improve the quality of life for people who are affected by physiological and/or biological conditions that impact bone and related tissues and systems.

5) Your assessment will be based on the level of thought and analysis that you put into your proposal. Remember, your goal is to write a proposal that will cause everyone who reads it to want to quit their job, join your research team and help solve your research problem (answer your research question).

Remember, I am your silent partner in this endeavor and look forward to helping you elevate your ideas to achieve excellence in your proposals.

Basic Rubric (More details next week)
Excellent – All proposal criteria area addressed beyond expectation. A Domain

Very Good – Approaching Near excellence; there are a few issues or conceptual difficulties with your proposed work. B+ Domain

Good – solid proposal but has some gaps in logic and missing bridges between ideas. B Domain

Fair – on the right track, but you need to spend more time developing your ideas. Limited thought and weak analysis. C Domain

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