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I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

Assignment Guidelines

1. Choose one of the news items listed below to work on.

2. Read through the news item carefully and thoroughly, keeping an eye out for evidence related to O’Neil’s three components of “Weapons of Math Destruction” as discussed in chapter one.

3. Research the specific use of algorithmic decision making discussed in the article you selected. Your goal in this research is to provide a full explanation of:

  • What is algorithmic decision making and why is it important to understand its use?
  • The use of this type of algorithmic decision making tool described and why it is significant.
  • How this type of algorithmic decision making would line up with each of O’Neil’s three components (transparency, damage or potential for damage, and scale).

Your research used for your reference guide should include at least six sources of which at least two must be audio or video and at least two must be scholarly sources. You should also cite O’Neil and the original news article that you worked with, so the minimum number of sources for the assignment is eight and all sources used should be listed in the “Sources” section at the end of the assignment.

All sources used should be credible as assessed by a test such as the CRAAP test and should be cited using APA citations.

4. Synthesize your research to develop a one page reference guide for readers to have their questions related to the news item answered. Word count for this guide should be approximately 1200-1500 words excluding references.

5. Sources for information on the site must be listed in APA style using both in-line citations as well as full citations for the sources at the bottom of the page in a separate section. See the OWL APA guide (Links to an external site.) for help if needed.

6. Build a one page site with this information using the free “Google Sites” web-based tool. Videos and images should be embedded to clarify or illustrate your points. Design choices for the web page should prioritize clarity of content, specifically ease of reading.

Final created website should be look like this. But before you make the website please tell me!

Because this URL link shows the school address as well, so I want to know if the address can be fixed or not.

The way how to create the website with using “google sites ” is in the uploaded document.

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