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Analysis Paper

Select a firm (that is not featured in the cases in the textbook or in the casebook) and complete the project outlined below. Students may use any source of information and must document their references appropriately. The finished product will be an original analysis paper. Students must use current firm-specific and industry-specific accounting data (as of 12/31/19 if available) as appropriate for the analysis.

  1. Situation Analysis (40%)
  2. PESTEL Framework (10%)
  3. SWOT Analysis (10%)
  4. Firm-level trend analysis of five important financial ratios for the local firm and two other                           industry competitors.  (10%)
  5. Identify management problems in focal firm (10%)
  6. External environment
  7. Consider political, economic, sociocultural, technological, ecological, or legal                              factors. Choose two problems from these areas.
  8. Internal environment
  9. Top management issues? Consider CEO, Executives, Corporate Officers, or                              Board of Directors. Choose one problem from these areas.
  10. Corporate resources and functional areas? Consider corporate culture,                              organizational structure, operations, marketing, human resources, finance,                                                      accounting, information technology, or research and development. Choose                                            one problem from these two areas.


  1. Problems and solutions (60%)
  2. Why does each identified problem exist?
  3. Who are the stakeholders involved in the problem you have identified?

(There must be multiple stakeholders involved for a problem to exist)

  1. What are the competing demands? (Involved stakeholders must have competing            demands for problems to exist).
  2. What is the best solution for each problem?
  3. Is the firm pursuing the best solution?
  4. If yes, then identify, explain, and defend the firm’s strategic choice.
  5. . If yes, then identify, explain, and defend better strategic actions.


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