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The business that I am doing for the project is a (traditional Saudi café which mixes the amazing old-fashioned Saudi atmosphere and the delicious Saudi desserts in Washington DC). The questions below is based on the topic of the business I chose.
Q#1- What “product” will your new company offer? How does your product differ from what’s already out there? (Recall the broad definition of “product.”)
Q#2- Who are your customers? What is your target market?

How will you price your product? How will you “position” your product in the market?

What kind of advertising will you use?

How will you distribute your product? Who will sell it?

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Answer the question below

I’m trying to study for my Art & Design course and I need some help to understand this question.

Which of the following are the basic visual elements?

Question 25 / 5 pts

What do you get when you combine the three light primaries red-orange, green, and blue-violet in an additive color mixture?

IncorrectQuestion 30 / 5 pts

What type of color mixtures are produced when pigments of different hues are mixed together?

IncorrectQuestion 40 / 5 pts

What is the name of the position in the Linear perspective system from which the entire picture is constructed?

IncorrectQuestion 50 / 5 pts

What are background areas of a composition commonly referred to as?

Question 65 / 5 pts

What is another name for the achievement of equilibrium in a visual composition?

UnansweredQuestion 70 / 5 pts

What types of color mixture do artists use when dots of pure hues are placed together so that they blend in the eye and mind.

Question 85 / 5 pts

What are the three basic variables which are used to identify colors?

Question 95 / 5 pts

What is hierarchical scale?

Question 10Not yet graded / 10 pts

This is an image of the Pieta, by Artist Michelangelo (1501)

Michelangelo, Pieta, 1501

In the text box below, briefly explain, in 100 words or less, how Michelangelo altered proportion to create a serene composition in his famous Pieta (1501).

Michelangelo altered the human proportions of Mary’s figure. He made the heads of the two figures the same but greatly enlarged Mary’s body in relation to to that of Christ, disguising her immensity with deep folds of drapery. This makes it possible for her seated figure to seem to be able to support a fully grown man.

IncorrectQuestion 110 / 5 pts

What are the three ways of creating implied depth in a composition?

Question 125 / 5 pts

What type of colors are white, black and gray?

IncorrectQuestion 130 / 5 pts

This is an image of the outdoor sculptures, Shuttlecocks, created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. They are in the Collection The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City (1992)

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Shuttlecocks, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City (1992)

What principle of design is represented in the image above?

IncorrectQuestion 140 / 5 pts

This is a diagram that represents the visual weight of 2D form

Diagram that represents one of the principles that controls the visual weight of form.

What principle that controls the visual weight and balance of form is represented in the diagram above?

Question 15Not yet graded / 5 pts

This is an image of the etching, titled Taormaquia, by Francisco Goya This is a diagram that represents a type of balance Francisco Goya, Taormaquia (1816) Visual Balance diagram

In the text box below, clearly state the type of balance represented in the two images above. Then, briefly explain what that means.

Both of these images are examples of asymmetrical balance. With asymmetrical balance, the left and right sides of the composition are not identical, or the same. Although the two sides are not the same, the compositions feel balanced because the artist has applied principles of visual weight. For example, in the diagram at the right, the three small blue forms on the left balance the large blue form on the right. And with the etching by Goya, the complex mass of figures on the right edge of the print balance the large open space on the left.

IncorrectQuestion 160 / 5 pts

How do artists keep us from being distracted from areas of emphasis in a composition?

Question 17Not yet graded / 5 pts

This is an image of a sculpture, titled 'Caballo con bridas', by Fernando Botero (2009)

Fernando Botero, ‘Caballo con bridas’, Bilbao, (2009)

In the text box below, clearly state the type of 3D form represented in the image above. Then, briefly explain what that means.

Botero’s sculpture of a horse is an example of closed form. Closed form refers to any form that does not openly interact with the surrounding space. For example, in Botero’s sculpture, the mass of the figure has an inflated look, the legs are in a position of rest, and the head points down.

IncorrectQuestion 180 / 5 pts

What Italian Renaissance technique is used to create the illusion that objects depicted on a flat surface are three-dimensional?

Question 19Not yet graded / 5 pts

This is an image of a painting created by Edward Hopper, titled Early Sunday Morning (1930)

Edward Hopper, Early Sunday Morning, Whitney Museum of American Art (1930)

The image above is a good example of the use of repetition to unify a painting.

In the text box below, state (in 50 words or less) how this artist avoided the boredom of too much sameness in his composition? Please be clear and concise.

In his painting Early Sunday Morning, Hopper avoided the boredom of too much sameness in his composition by introducing variety into the composition. For example, although the windows repeat, each one is slightly different. The same is true for other parts of the composition, such as the different sizes and colors found in the row of doors and windows on the first floor of the building.

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