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In this week you will start with system planning complete a 3 page executive summary while considering the following components:

Describe a fictional healthcare organization: type, size of staff, and amount and type of patients it is able to serve.
Establish the need for a system.
Set achievable goals and objectives.
Allocate a budget.
Identify a project manager (a fictitious name and title) and project team (fictitious names and titles).
Determine whether to build in-house or acquire from outside, and support your decision with reasoning.
Set a timeline for system implementation or project completion.

Complete the assignment in a 3page Word document and include references, APA format..please do not plagiarize

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Please type your report using 12pt font and double space. (Times New Roman or Arial)

You must find a new part-time or full-time job no older than two months so you can begin your job search. The position that you are seeking is a “professional” one which supports your long-range career ambitions.

On a separate sheets of paper, develop and type a comprehensive job search plan which will include the following components: Your report should be in the order below.

Your answers MUST BE NUMBERED and LETTERED as per below. Answer the questions using complete sentences. The questions do not need to be retyped.

1. The Position Selection:

A. Select a career field that you plan on majoring in and would like to apply for a position within. Remember to use a complete sentence for all your answers!

B. Identify where you would like to work in this career field. (For example, what type of company, organization, agency, etc.) For example, a nurse may decide to work in a hospital or a school. A career counselor may work in college or staffing agency.

C. Name Two Target Employers (Company or Organization’s Name)

 Include an address and phone number for each employer you are interested in

 Find a contact person for each employer (You may use their website or call the company. Contact person can be the name of a human resource manager or department manager. Type their name and include their job title

D. Job Search web sites: List three job search websites that can help you locate jobs in your field. Provide the complete Internet Address. (O’Net is not one of them!)

E. Go to any one of these three websites and add the URL link here for a job listing you are targeting. It must match or be closely related to your job listed above. The job can be anywhere in the United States, but cannot be from a previous assignment.

F. In a short paragraph, describe three skills or personal characteristics you possess that enable you to meet the qualifications for the advertised job (identified above). Remember the job advertisement you’re targeting and O’Net may help you identify skills you have that are related to this job advertisement. Analyze the job posting and the O’Net to select the appropriate skills and/or personal characteristics.

2. Contact for Interview Strategies:

The initial goal of all job seekers is to get interviews for jobs that they want.

A. In three short sentences, what three different Job Search action strategies will you take each week in order to FIND job openings? (Hint: Writing or updating a resume/cover letter is not one of them!)

B. In two sentences, describe at least two different proactive action strategies you will use to get job interviews. (Hint: writing or sending a resume/cover letter is not one of them!)

C. Write a script about what you would say on the phone to follow up to determine the status of a job with an employer that you sent your resume to (use job indicated in your job listing).

3 The Interview:

A. You applied for a job and you already sent your resume to the employer and they have called you for an interview. Describe in three short sentences three actions that you will take to prepare for that job interview.

B. Type a short paragraph and respond to the interview question “Tell me about yourself?”

C. Type a short paragraph and answer “Why should I hire you?” Make sure include how your skills and education/training make you qualified for the job.

4 Follow-up & Evaluation Strategies:

Keeping in contact with prospective employers and networking contacts is an important part of a job search. Describe in a short paragraph your follow-up strategies for the following:

1. What would you say (write script) when conducting a follow-up call after an interview for a job?

2. If you did not get the job, how would your follow up call go? What would you say (write script) to an employer

5. In Conclusion:

Write two short paragraphs. First, discuss three things that you learned in this class that will help you with your job search in the future and be sure to explain how.

Second, in a short paragraph, discuss one area that you still need to work on (your weakness) and be sure to explain how you will work on your weakness!

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