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Visual Communication Today 
Visual communication is just about everywhere we look. Reflect on the visuals youâ€ve seen in your daily life over the past couple weeks, and the messages theyâ€ve communicated (e.g., TV commercials, billboards, magazine ads, web ads, websites, product packaging, photographs, etc.). Do any stand out in your mind? If so, why do you think they were so effective in getting your attention? Are there any trends you are noticing specifically in todayâ€s media? 
This journal entry should allow you to thoroughly reflect upon what you have learned thus far in class, and provides you an opportunity to relate this learning to your professional and/or personal experiences. Your journal entry may be written in a more informal style, with a focus on clearly conveying your ideas. APA formatting elements are not required for your journal entry, but you are expected to adhere to conventional rules of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.
Using Photographs from the Web 
Today more than ever, photographs and other visual media are at our fingertips. Whether itâ€s through Google Images or Flickr, we have endless visual media available for us to use. Or, do we? 
Watch the video Copyright Basics  ( 
Submit a two- to three-page paper (not including the title and reference pages) describing the benefits and challenges associated with having so many visuals available to us today. Describe the ethical and legal implications of using photos and other visual media and describe how these issues can be avoided. 
Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide, and you must cite at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook. 

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1. Using a Microsoft Word document, please post one federal and one state statute utilizing standard legal notation and a hyperlink to each statute.

2. In the same document, please post one federal and one state statute using standard legal notation and a hyperlink to each case.

In this, and all future writing assignments, please save and submit all your work as a Microsoft Word file (unless otherwise appropriate, e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint). Make sure to save your files using the convention LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL, COURSE ABBREVIATION, SEMESTER AND YEAR, AND ACTIVITY NAME OR NUMBER.

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