Autobiography using Appendix C style?

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Autobiography using Appendix C style?

I need support with this Application Writing question so I can learn better.

Assignment #3 – Autobiography

Point Value: 50 points

Write your autobiography using Appendix C in your text as a guide. You will use the information described – particularly in the Education and Work Experience sections – to help form your competencies achieved for use in your portfolio project. Additionally, you will use the Life/Career/Educational goals included in your autobiography for your Individual Action Plan assignment. Details will be provided in both of those assignments.

You will include Educational Goals to the fourth section* of your autobiography. So your detailed sections will read as follows:

*Use all four (4) headings in your paper.

  • Family Experience – 10 points
  • Educational experience – 10 points
  • Work Experience – 10 points
  • Current Life/Career/Educational Goals – 10 points

You must adhere to the guidelines (use of headings, length of section/paper, font, margins…etc) outlined in the text using your best writing skills to include, grammar, spelling and punctuation – 10 points.

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