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Can you help me complete this?

I’m studying and need help with a Computer Science question to help me learn.

Goal: I hope to deliver a mobile cooking application available on Android, Chromebook, and iOS that teaches kids math, science and social studies/culture/social responsibility through cooking activities. I would like to keep the current functionalities and features and introduce the following:

1. Enable Adaptive Learning – by level per subject, e.g. every user starts at level 1 in each subject and levels up as math and science topics are mastered. The app should present simpler or more difficult tasks based on performance. Users could be on different levels for different subjects, e.g. level 1 math, level 2 science, level 3 geography.

2. Tracking, Visualization, and Multiple User Access & Communication – Students should be able to create accounts (you told me yesterday that logging is not a must anymore) and view their progress in a fun gamified manner (point system, badges, etc). Teachers and parents should be able to view status and progress in simple and visually appealing graphics and to communicate with each other. These should be accessible by subject and activity type: concepts presented, quiz results, game scores, etc.

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