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Cannabis and mental disorder

Critically appraise three of the papers included in one of the Assessment Topics (you may choose either the same topic chosen for Assessment:

1. Cannabis and mental disorder

2. Diabetes self-management Page 12 of 21 Please adhere to the structure outlined below.

a. Write an abstract of up to 250 words (included in the total word count) – the abstract needs to be a succinct summary of your paper in your own words.

b. Write an introduction to your paper.

c. For each of the three papers being appraised, you need to:

• State the full reference of the research paper

• State the study type

• Write your critical appraisal, reflecting relevant components of the Research Paper Critical Appraisal Tool (Tutorial 4 & 5)

d. Having appraised the three papers, discuss:

• What you consider to be the potential implications of the aggregated research findings for clinical practice

• How you might work toward introducing the evidence into practice in a clinical setting.

e. Write a brief conclusion to your paper.

f. Use correct English grammar, spelling and sentence construction, and properly reference your paper using the UC APA 6th referencing style (references, both in-text and in the reference list are not included in the word count).

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