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Case Study

Part A: Case study

Words count: Minimum 2500 words for all questions.

Referring to the case study by Cabrera , Corpus1 , Maradiegue and Álvarez (2020) Answer the following questions. Each question carries 20 Marks.

1- What is the main problem facing the SME food company? Describe the analysis  followed by the authors in investigating the problem extent and implications, causes  and root cause. Describe, define, and state the purpose of the tools used in the case  study to analyze the problem and its root causes. What type of wastes can be  attributed to the disclosed problems?

2- What were the main solutions/ approaches implemented in the case study? How did  the author justify rationally the use of these approaches and how did they connect  them with the problems and their causes? Illustrate the underlying concepts, purpose  and procedures related to the SPC and Lean.

3- What were the results achieved?

4- Conduct a review of the benefits of applying Lean and SPC in any industry using  appropriate references and research publications.

Part B-10 Marks

Word count: Minimum 1500 words.

Compare and Contrast the focus on reducing the cost era with the focus on quality era within  the evolution stages that operations management has progressed through.

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