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The aim of this assignment is to help you to begin to use your professional and clinical judgement and to think like nurses working in mental health settings and/or in relation to the mental health needs of people regardless of the setting. In order to achieve this aim, everyone will be assigned a case scenario involving a person who is experiencing difficulties relating to one of the various disorders commonly encountered in clinical practice.
This is an individual assignment of 1,800 words in two parts, each with several steps. Follow the steps for each part carefully.
Your assignment will demonstrate a sound grasp of the following as they relate to the person in your case scenario and include:
 a Mental Status Examination(MSE)
 a clinical formulation including biopsychosocial history and your own MSE observations leading to the clinical formulation
 a nursing orientated handover
 use of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to identity and prioritise the person’s needs
 recognising and responding to the mental health needs of the identified person by identifying best practice nursing interventions
 how to engage a person in a therapeutic relationship
 the application of cultural safety
 the application of the recovery model/philosophy
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Case study

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Option #1 – Case Study to Consider

Ann and Michael have been married for 55 years. Ann is 80 years-old, and suffers from lung cancer and advanced Alzheimer’s disease. She currently resides in a nursing home, and often does not recognize Michael when he visits. Last night she was admitted to the hospital with difficulty breathing. Today, you are the nurse caring for Ann, and her physician is suggesting surgery to remove part of her lung to potentially slow the progression of her cancer. Michael is feeling unsure about this course of treatment, and asks for your advice and guidance.

How would you respond to Michael and serve as advocate for your patient?

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