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Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

ohn Chip, the owner and CEO of a startup company called Chip’s Widgets, Inc., started his company in his garage. He has manufactured artistic widgets by hand for the first several years of the company’s existence. He recently expanded his business and has recently hired several technicians to produce the widgets using machinery, two sales agents and a creative artist to help promote and sell the widgets, and two shipping and receiving individuals to distribute the widgets.

You are the newly appointed Human Resources manager and you have determined that, in order for the company to function optimally, the organization needs an additional role to manage the expanded workforce. You are proposing the creation of a new role of Operations Manager, so that someone can manage all of the processes that will be involved in the workforce expansion efforts.

To complete this assignment, you will need to prepare a minimum 2-page letter that you will present as part of your proposal to Mr. Chip. In your letter, you will present a case for the need to hire an operations manager. Include the following in your letter:

  • Discuss the benefits of hiring an operations manager.
  • Summarize how an operations manager would add value to the strategic direction of the company.
  • Describe the internal and external factors that you will consider as you work toward a plan for establishing the new role.
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