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compare and contrast and don’t want conclusion

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Summer 2019

Mike Loncaric

Research Project Instructions

Term Paper: (20%)

DUE JUNE 24: Block M & N

DUE JUNE 25: Block W


Key Term

Original Essay: any essay from our class’s reading list.

This research paper will focus on a particular topic or aspect of an original essay. The goal of this project is to learn a bit more about this topic so that you can make a comparison and/or contrast between the research that you do and the original essay’s perspective.

Really, you want to put your research into conversation with the views of the original essay. You want to ask questions like ‘How does the original essay’s depiction of this experience, reality, phenomenon differ from OR compare to my research on the same subject?’ Then you want to write about the comparisons or the differences.

The list of topics has a total of five suggestions (visit C4 for examples).

However, you can pick any reading you want, providing there is something in that original essay that allows you to research the topic.

Structure of Essay

1. a summary of the original essay that you are going to discuss, FOCUSING ON THE TOPICS (the aspects, qualities, forms of experience, belief and/or perception, phenomena, etc.) THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ANALYZE, COMPARE and CONTRAST. (1 page)

2. Summary of research articles, books, chapters (etc.) followed by a comparative analysis of how this source compares, supports, differs from or undermines the original essay’s perspective, representation, depiction, etc. (approximately 2 pages)

Research Requirements

1. You must have at least TWO academic sources in your research.

2. You must provide a Works Cited page at the end of your paper (MLA format)

3. In-text citations in MLA style

4. 12-point font, Times New Roman.Topic 2: his last game

Pick one or more opinions or perspectives that are expressed or represented in the readings from class 2 This perspective may be from the his last game point of view and/or from law enforcement’s point of view.

Summarize the point(s) of view of his last game that you are focusing on in the reading. (1 page)

Find and then discuss other articles, essays or books that support or dispute or offer a different perspective on this/these point(s) view. Identify connections, similarities or differences between your frame reading and your research readings. (2 pages).Link to e-library:…

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