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Coping ans stress management

I need support with this Marketing question so I can learn better.

For this POD, first take the “Coping & Stress Management Skills Test”: LinkLinks to an external site.. Based on your result (keep the score to yourself), do you think

1) this is a reliable (pp. 257-258) and valid (pp. 258-260) measure? Word Limits: 75-150.

2) Second, would it be ethical to assign prospective employees a coping score to be used in a hiring index based on results from this or other similar tests? Word Limits: 50-75.

Be sure to connect your discussion with the course concepts. Feel free to share any other comments on the test.

Basic Requirements: Your original post and responses to at least two classmates’ posts. See Syllabus (p. 5) for detailed requirements.

One helpful Hint: after you complete rating the 38 statements on the test, the final page asks questions such as personal health issues, whether you have a pet, etc. These are optional. You do NOT need to answer them unless you want to. You can still get a score by skipping the last page, which is what I did. The purpose of this POD is to focus on the 38 statements and assess the reliability and validity of the test. Take screenshots of the statements while you are taking the test. It will help you go back and analyze them

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