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Criteria for the clinical condition of patrick

As per the case description of Patrick and following the diagnostic guidelines of DSM-5, the patient can be told to have psychotic disorder due to medical condition with Schizophrenia as predominant symptom (295.90). Observing the case of Patrick it was found that, Patrick is a homosexual male of 42 years of age living alone since last “six” years. DSM-5 criteria for the clinical condition of Patrick are being listed one after another as follows:
Criteria A: Characteristic Symptoms

1) Since last “two months” Patrick has complaints of having increased anxiety and upset, he also has complaints of sleeplessness. Patrick believes that his colleagues and his boyfriend are behaving crazy with him. As per the case it seems that Patrick has convinced himself and it is hard to change his believes, so there is certain delusion in the discussed case of Patrick.
2) In another context describing his work, Patrick has reported that all his fellow colleagues are jealous of him because he is the favorite employee of his boss. Again he mentions that there are some secret business agents those are helping him by giving valuable advice for his work. Patrick talks to them by phone and his ex-boyfriend has discovered some ways to read thoughts of Patrick through his iPhone. The secret business advisors are his cerebral creations, which is a clear example of hallucination.
3) During counseling Patrick was found to jump from one topic to another without completing one topic which is the signs of disorganized speech.
4) Upon studying the case, no catatonic behaviors have been found.
5) No negative symptoms have been mentioned in the presented case.
Criteria B: Social or Occupational Dysfunction

Patrick has a disturbance in interpersonal relationship with his colleagues and his ex-boyfriend. As he feels that his colleagues are jealous of him and are talking at his back about him, on the other hand he says that his ex-boyfriend who left him 6 years ago is invading his life by reading his thoughts through his iPhone. This is a clear indication of disturbed interpersonal relationship.
Criteria C: Duration (Less than 6 months)

Patrick believes the existence of some secret agents who contact him by his iPhone and advise him in regard to his work, for which he has become the favorite employee of his manager. This confers his oID believes and unusual perceptual experiences. These all have been started since last “two months”.

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