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Prepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation describing critical incidents.
Choose five critical incidents with at least two from your area.
Answer the following questions within the notes section for each incident:

What was the nature and cause of the incident?
Who were the responders to the incident and how did they overcome the incident?
How long did it take to respond and recover from the incident?
Who was affected by the incident? (Local residents, business, community, state, nation, world?)
Did the incident attract a media response? If so, was the media localized, national, or global?
Do you feel the response was a success or needed improvement? Why?

Format any citations according to APA guidelines.
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critical incidents

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Directions: Write a brief essay using the following format:

Answer the directions below in at least 1,500, but no more than 2,000 words. The assignment should be submitted using Microsoft Word with default margins, using 12 point Times New Roman black font, be double-spaced, and be in essay format.

Default Margin Formatting:Alignment: Left
Outline Level: Body TextIndentation: Left & Right: 0Special: None

By: Leave blank
Spacing: Before & After: 0
Line Spacing: Double
At: Leave blank
Don’t add space between paragraphs of same style: Do not ‘check’


CREATE a critical incident fake scenario includes (p. 83 in the class text has five useful scenarios), and specifically identifies, the following terms and concepts from the class:

1. The Five Stages to a critical incident response.
2. The Seven Critical Tasks for managing a critical incident.

3. Establish an ICS (at the proper time in the scenario) and identification of at least five (5) ICS Components (p. 85 in the class text) relevant to the scenario.

* Include at least five (5) academic or professional sources to support your work.

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