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I am a male , 21 years old, black, from middle class family, was bought up in church holiness very spiritual family. I like to play multiple sports, basketball, football and soccer. My favorite is basketball and football.

You will write a three pages paper to reflect your ethnicity, gender, socioe

conomic class, religion, spirituality, cultural values, age, privilege, and sexual

orientation. In this paper, you can describe your cultural roots/heritage to demonstrate self -knowledge and awareness of yourself as a cultural being.

In addition, describe how these factors influence your development as a person to date. Include specific life experiences that you consider relevant.

Cultural Autobiography”

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This week students will explore the world of folktales, proverbs and mottoes from around the world.

Activity 1: Folktales and popular culture. Please explore this site to find some good folktales:

Activity 2: Analysis. Identify and write down the lessons behind a few of the folktales.

Activity 3: Comparison. Write a 2-3 page review of some of the folktales and submit it here.

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