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I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.

Please click on Modules. There you will find the forums for the three DB postings in the appropriate weekly module. You need to pick a topic from one of the relevant chapters for the DB assignment in question. The relevant chapters are one of the assigned chapters for weeks 1-3 (DB 1); any topic from one of these chapters is acceptable. You then need to watch a YouTube video presentation on your chosen topic and then post the presentation summary in the dialog box. Your summary must consist of at least one paragraph of reasonable length (7-9 sentences). Your post must include the following (in this order):

1, Title (Chapter # and topic)

2. Summary of the presentation

3. Link to the video

You may, at your discretion, watch multiple videos on your chosen topic. In that case, you must provide the links to all the videos. You may work independently or in groups of up to 3 people. If you work in a group, only one person should submit, but you should put the names of all group members in the “assignment comments” section.

WEEK 3 Reading Assignment (textbook and lecture notes): Ch. 1-4

WEEK 2 Reading Assignment (textbook and lecture notes): Ch. 5

WEEK 3 Reading Assignment (textbook and lecture notes): Ch. 8

due Jun 16 at 8pm

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