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Determining the genotype of individual

The plant Chloroplastia centruniversiae appears in two forms in woods individuals has all green or all white leaves. White leaf form lives for only three days as it cannot photosynthesize. All C. centruniversiae seeds germinate, generate leaves within 1 day, and one day later are flowering; thus white and green leafed individuals can cross and produce F1.

Chlorophyll biosynthesis is dependent upon the expression of C gene. The X gene encodes a transcription factor needed for the activation of C gene. You cross a true breeding white C. centruniversiae with the true breeding green C. centruniversiae and all of their F1 are green. You then cross any two of these F1 and find that of the 320 F2, 180 are green, and 140 are white.

Describe these results and signify the genotypes of all individuals described within this problem.

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