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Discussing the skeletal system

1) Which of the following bones is part of the axial skeleton? 

a) rib

b) radius

c) clavicle

d) scapula

e) coax

2) Which of the following bones is paired? 

a) vomer

b) temporal

c) sphenoid

d) mandible

e)  maxilla

3) Which of the following bones contains a sinus? 

a) Maxilla

b) nasal bone

c) occipital bone

d) zygomatic bone

e) temporal

4) Which of the following statements is true? 

a) The first cervical vertebra is called the axis.

b) The spinal cord protects the vertebral column.

c) Thoracic vertebrae have long, thin spinous processes.

d) The sacral vertebrae are superior to the lumbar vertebrae.

e) Lumbar vertebrae are generally smaller than thoracic vertebrae.

 5) The opening in vertebrae for the spinal cord is the 

a) intervertebral disk.

b) Vertebral foramen.

c) Lamina.

d) intervertebral foramen.

e) spinous process.

6) The collar bone is the 

a) sternum.

b) clavicle.

c) scapula.

d) humerus.

e)  atlas.

7) The acromion process 

a) is part of the clavicle.

b) articulates with the coracoid process.

c) forms the most inferior part of the glenoid fossa.

d) has no function.

e) has an articulation with the clavicle.

8) A woman pinched her phalange. She hurt her 

a) ear.

b) toe.

c) cheek.

d) finger.

e) toe or her finger.

9) Which of the following statements about the femur is TRUE? 

a) The head of the femur articulates with the tibia.

b) The medial condyle articulates with the acetabulum.

c) Both the greater and lesser trochanters are attachment sites for muscles.

d) The distal end of the tibia articulates with the femur.

e) The proximal end of the femur articulates with the tibia.

10) The tarsal bone that articulates with the tibia and the fibula is the 

a) talus.

b) cuboid.

c) navicular.

d) calcaneus.

e) patella.


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