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Help me study for my Sociology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.



Do you follow any companies or brands on social media? If so, what value do you get from following them? Do these accounts offer useful information or entertainment value in addition to promoting products or services? (70 words)


Where does email fall in your personal array of digital communication technologies? Do you use email for most of your personal and academic communication, or do you rely more on texting, messaging, and other digital formats? If you are not a heavy email user, would you be able to adapt to working in a company that relies heavily on email? (70 words)

B) During the Soviet era, 15 ‘union republics’ and several ‘autonomous republics’ were created. Are there any similar areas (political divisions) within the United States or other countries? How are these similar? In what ways are they different? (200 words)

C) (250 words)

1. Compare the climate, vegetation, and agricultural conditions of Russia’s European west with those of Siberia and the Russian Far East.

2. Describe some of the high environmental costs of industrialization within the Russian domain.

3. Discuss how major river and rail corridors have shaped the geography of population and economic development in the region. Provide specific examples.

4. Contrast Soviet and post-Soviet migration patterns within the Russian domain, and discuss the changing forces at work.

5. Describe some of the major land-use zones in the modern Russian city, and suggest why it is important to understand the impact of Soviet-era planning within such settings.

6. What were the key phases of colonial expansion during the rise of the Russian Empire, and how did each enlarge the reach of the Russian state?

7. What are some of the key ethnic minority groups within Russia and the neighboring states, and how have they been recognized in the region’s geopolitical structure?

8. Describe how centralized planning created a new economic geography across the former Soviet Union. What is its lasting impact?

9. Briefly summarize the key strengths and weaknesses of the post-Soviet Russian economy and suggest how globalization has shaped its evolution.

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