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I’m studying and need help with a Biology question to help me learn.

This week we are covering the chapters on DNA and genetics. If you were to do an internet search of various terms you see in these chapters, you might be surprised about how much these topics are in current news stories. Often, these stories raise complex questions that encompass both science and ethics. Your discussion assignment is to find a current news article (published within the last 6 months) that deals with DNA, genetic testing, DNA fingerprinting, etc… Post the link to the article, and give a BRIEF synopsis (no more than a paragraph) IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Once you have given the information about the article, share your opinion on the topic. Does the article raise interesting/exciting/scary questions? Does it deal with something you feel would be very helpful to us in the future, or dangerous (or possibly even both???) Again, the article should be current and in the news, not a Wikipedia article or something from a CDC/government/university/textbook website. Go for newspapers, magazines, etc.

Please attempt to find an article you can use some of your newfound genetics knowledge to understand. Also, let’s try to be original…If EVERYONE hits Google and searches DNA, then chooses the first article that comes up, I will get VERY bored while grading…Find me some interesting stuff!

At least 150 words

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