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Need help with my English question – I’m studying for my class.

a)How and why did America’s expanding consumer culture change a woman’s life and her role in society? (250 words)

b) What influence did William Randolph Hearst have in beginning the Spanish American War? What media outlets today influence public policy such as Heart’s papers did at the turn of the century? What makes Hearst (and today’s media) so successful? (150 words)

c) Allocation of water resources is a problem around the world. The Nile River flows through many countries. If people from upstream take too much, those who live downstream may be left with little or nothing. Refer to a map of the region while you think and discuss this question. Through which countries does the Nile pass? What ideas can you suggest for allocating water from the Nile among the many potential users? What agreements currently exist to allocate water from the Nile? (200 words)

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