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I need an explanation for this Geography question to help me study.

Please provide an example of an ordinary, symbolic, religious, or derelict landscape that has significance to you. What characteristics make these landscapes ordinary, symbolic, sacred (religious), or derelict? What impact or meaning does this landscape have for you? You may upload pictures or provide links

I live in New Orleans, La



Knox, P. L., & Marston, S. A. (2016). Human geography: Places and regions in global context (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.


Please respond to my classmate response below:

If I have this assignment correct my landscape would be the ground that the Louisiana Mercedes Benz superdome resides on. This is sacred ground in the city of New Orleans to all who have the blood running through their veins. This place holds a city that have been broken into pieces and otherwise would never came back from 2005 major hurricane Katrina where thousands were killed and many more displaced including myself. This building during that time housed almost 65,000 citizens who had no means for getting out of the city as a category 5 storm belted down on the city. As 80% of the city lay under water the one building that will be remembered for going toe to toe and taking the blunt of a beating and protected her people is the superdome. Many died inside and bodies of the victims who perished in the floods were stored in the building. The people believe the spirits of the city lost still reside inside of the building. Making it a sacred ground and a must see or visit for all that visit. As always this build then and will forever host the NFL team the New Orleans saints and a number of other events including sugar bowls, super bowls, and NCAA tournaments.

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