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1.To continue using oil at the current rate, some analysts warn that we must discover and add to global oil reserves the equivalent of two new Saudi Arabian supplies every 10 years. Do you think this is possible? If not, what effects might the failure to find such supplies have on your life and on the lives of any children and grandchildren that you might have?
2.Workers in a number of industries are exposed to higher levels of various toxic substances than the general public. Should we reduce workplace levels allowed for such chemicals? What economic effects might this have?
3.Provide examples of the ways in which a U.S. advertiser is subject to more and less regulation when advertising abroad.
4.Explain the differences among the three main theories of compensation for government takings of foreign-owned properties. Provide an example.
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Discussion Questions

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Professional Nursing Concepts 2nd Edition

Discussion Questions

  1. If you were not a nursing student, what other healthcare team member would you want to be and why?
  2. Describe how nursing services might be organized in a hospital, their key roles, and their relationship to other departments.
  3. What is your opinion of the health environment model? How do you think the designation of a Planetree hospital might impact nursing care?

Critical Thinking Activity

What is your reaction to the topic of the corporatization of health care?

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