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  Pick one of your resources in your business, and as a SMEs, describe the 5 steps to managing that resource?


I need support with this Biology question so I can learn better.

Laboratory 2: Making Observations About the World Around Us

part 1- As you are running errands, walking to class, spending time with friends, or at work, take a look around you. What do you see that is interesting? What might make you pause and ask “how”? State an observation that you made in a post to your classmates. Next, state a hypothesis that you could possibly test to further investigate that observation. (Remember to do a little research about your observation to be able to include support for your hypothesis.)

part 2-Comment on two of your classmates’ observations – have you noticed that before too? Have you seen a possible answer to that observation published somewhere? Do you agree/disagree with the hypothesis – and why? For this peer review activity, these reply posts should be 100-125 words in length (about one-half of a double-spaced page). Replies will be worth 5 points for each discussion.

replies for those two:

1)does caffeine make employees more productive?

I have never really been a fan of coffee but I have had my share of it during finals week for example. I feel as though caffeine doesn’t work on me for some reason so If I have to be up and alert for something I kind of tell my body its time to focus. I am currently interning for the summer and I work at a company with an open space office concept. I work from 9am-5pm and what I observe everyday as I sit on my desk in the morning is that almost everyone goes to the kitchen and gets their cup of coffee, Dr. Pepper or a coca cola sometimes. I don’t know why anyone would drink a soda at 9 am but everyone has their preferences. That led me to do some research of my own and I found some interesting information. 45% of workers experienced positive effect on work productivity when drinking coffee. 43% American workers say their less productive without their daily coffee. 90% of decision makers and employees believe quality coffee can contribute to increased morale.If employees take in more caffeine, then the more productive they will be at work.

2)Does checking your phone first thing in the morning make you more stressed and less productive?

I have seen several articles come out in recent years related to this topic, and how we have become more and more attached to our devices. I am sadly one of those people that check their phone first thing when I wake up. I can not imagine it is very healthy to have the first thing be a bright screen when I open my eyes. But on top of that it becomes a sort of addiction to check your phone first thing in the morning to see if anything new happened, which is crazy because waiting those extra 15-30 minutes, would not change anything. Then you end up scrolling and scrolling, for no real reason, and just making it harder to get out of bed.

If you check your phone first thing in the morning, then you will be more stressed and less productive throughout the da

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