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1) You need a FULL typed-up lab report with all sections:
a. Introduction with hypotheses/predictions (and why you expect what you expect)
b. Materials and methods (what you did with your group and what calculations were done)
c. Results (including tables and graphs)
2). Discussion (answers to questions below)2) In the Results section, include 2 tables and 1 figure:
a. Include Table 3 and Table 4 but rename them Table 1 and Table 2 as these will be the only tables you include in your lab report. You can copy them from Excel and paste them into your Word lab report. Tables need heading.
b. Include a graph/figure of your data with the x-axis representing age (years) and the y-axis representing the log of the proportion of individuals surviving (log10S1000) for each gender separately but on the same graph (i.e., you should have 2 curves in one graph, one for females and one for males). Make sure your axes are properly labeled with correct units. You can copy your figure in Excel and paste it into your Word lab report. Figure needs legends.

3) Answer the following questions in the Discussion section after examining your tables and figure:
a. What type of survivorship curve are the cemetery populations most similar to (see Fig. above on page 1)?
b. Are there gender differences in survivorship? These differences may be very small, but can you spot them on the graph or do both curves overlap completely?
c. If you can detect any differences, what factors may account for the small differences in survivorship curves observed between females and males? Provide at least 2 factors that you think may help explain these differences.
d. Were your hypotheses/predictions supported by the data? Remember to restate what you had predicted and what you found.
e. Do the data collected represent an accurate picture of mortality rates in humans as a species? Why or why not?
f. What are some of the limitations and biases of the data collected for this study?


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