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I don’t know how to handle this Economics question and need guidance.

Economist in Spotlight

Please view the following presentations by the twelve different economists.

After reviewing all the talks, select seven of them and write a short reflection paper (three pages or less) on those seven economists you selected.

You might wish to discuss:



2.1 What can you learn about macroeconomics from these talks?

2.2 What do these talks tell you about the types of people who are experts in


2.3 What new questions do you have after reviewing these talks?

1) Julianne Malveaux

2) Dambisa Moyo

3) Haruhiko Kuroda

4) Raghuram Rajan

5) Ernesto Zedilllo

6) Nick Hanauer

7) Robert Reich


9) Mario Draghi

10) Christine Lagarde

11)Fan Gang

12) Hatice Karaham

13) Nor Shamsiah Yunus

14) Steve Hanke

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