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, reflect on your peer’s topic choice, their list of research questions, and their interest in the topic. Add your own insight to their chosen topic. Suggest 3-5 research questions that they haven’t thought of yet. Propose angles to research from and any relevant resources that you are aware of. The more specific and concrete your suggestions (including exact URLS, etc.), the more helpful you will be. Think of your peer’s topic as if it were your own.

English Essay

I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

MLA style.

– College as a business

– College as a public good

– Lack of funding

– Quality of U.S. higher education system

– Economic equity and access

These are some points that you can focus on the writing and you have to start with what the rescue said “They say” then u will write what “I say”.

I have attached all 4 articles u have to use at least 2. and there is a templet for the paper that would help and there are 4 summaries of the 4 articles.

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