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Essay in Intro to Ethics

I need an explanation for this Philosophy question to help me study.

These goals will be assessed through a written assignment and class participation. To meet these goals, students will consider in detail various ethical theories, in both their classical and contemporary expressions. Here are some of the theories that will be studied: egoism, ethical relativism, natural law theory, social contract theory, utilitarianism, Kantianism, and virtue theory. Drawing upon those theories, the student will prepare a written (4-6 typed MLA or CMS-style pages) paper in response to instructor directed questions that address current moral problems. Of particular importance is the student’s ability to use ethical reasoning to formulate reflective positions on some of the more pressing moral problems in contemporary society. Oral competency will be assessed through class participation. Satisfactory demonstration of these outcomes will be indicated by a score of 3 or higher on the assignment rubrics

This is the question u have to write the essay from and check the rubric and the guidelines to write the paper and also I uploaded everything that u need let me know if u need anything else so the essay it’s to chose one question and write about it

4. Evidence suggests that date rape is far more common than most of us would like to admit.Virtually everyone agrees that rape is bad, even if, and perhaps especially if, the perpetrator and the victim know each other.However, people disagree vehemently about how, in particular cases, to distinguish consensual sex from date rape.We can all agree about paradigm cases of consensual sex—when it is clear to everyone that both parties are eager participants.We can also agree about paradigm cases of rape—when a woman is taken forcibly from her home, physically assaulted, and raped.However, there are problems in deciding if date rape has occurred.Drawing upon Pineau’s essay, what are some of the most significant problems in determining whether date rape has occurred?Discuss why Pineau believes that an appeal to communicative sexuality can help us decide when date rape has occurred.What is your assessment of her argument?

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