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assignment, you will create an advertisement that is full of fallacies (


). You may find a list of fallacies under “What are some logical fallacies?” in the Lesson and

Logical fallacy definitions

. The intention of the advertisement is to manipulate the audience using any number of logical fallacies (



Part I: Advertisement

The advertisement will include the following:

State intended product or position (what are you selling).

Use at least 2 logical fallacies intended on manipulating the audience (minimum).

Part II: Explanation

In addition to the advertisement, you will provide a brief explanation, after the advertisement, of why you chose specific logical fallacies and why they might be successful in manipulating the audience.

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Find an argument from a politician, journalist, or other public figure that commits one of the informal fallacies. Find a recent argument (within the last 6 months). Provide a link to your source (don’t use a fallacy someone else online has identified – the point is to find your own example! There are many out there!) Summarize the argument, and explain how it commits the fallacy. How could the argument be improved to avoid committing the fallacy? Explain and discuss.

The essay should be at least 550 words long or longer is recommended.

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