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final draft of argumentative research paper

For your final draft, your essay should be 1,500-2,500 words. Your draft should include the following:

Proper MLA formatting throughout. Review the “MLA Formatting” handout for more help with this.
The word count as a 5th line in the heading.
A creative or original title that indicates what the paper will be about.
An introduction that begins with a general hook and ends with a thesis.
A thesis in bold that makes a clear argument about the topic.
3-6 body paragraphs that have topic sentences which clearly relate back to the thesis.
4-6 quotes integrated from credible and current sources. These quotes should be highlighted green . Review “Quoting Sources Using MLA” for proper integration techniques.
A minimum of 15 words/phrases from “Templates and Transitions” and/or “Making Moves with Sources.” Highlight these yellow .
At least one counterargument and refutation. Highlight this/these blue . Review the “Counterargument & Refutation” lecture for more help with this.
A concluding paragraph.
A properly formatted Works Cited page with 4-6 sources cited. Review the “Creating a Works Cited Page” tutorial for more help with this.

Please review the Research Paper Guidelines before submitting your final draft.

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