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Requirements for your Project
Using the above pieces of information, prepare a presentation describing your findings to the financial manager. The format used for your presentation can be a Power Point Presentation, or Letter/Memo format. Be creative in your presentation to the Financial Manager. Your final report (not due until Module 05) must include:

Introduction and Conclusion to your presentation.
An interpretation and description of the findings in Table 1.

Did the clinic over or under charge overall?
What is the total amount?

A well written conclusion to the financial manager based on your findings, including examples of the errors found.

Which codes were over coded, thus over billed? Which were under coded, thus under billed?
Explain what the codes represent.

Provide specific recommendations the clinic can do to improve EM coding accuracy.

Provide at least four ideas/changes the clinic can implement to improve EM coding accuracy. Each idea should be specific and include supporting reasoning for why the change would improve Evaluation and Management coding at this clinic.

Think about things like: staffing, education and training, EMR use, auditing, outsourcing, documentation improvement, etc.

You will need to cite your sources for each recommendation and are expected to do some research.

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