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Ken 7 Windows Limited new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software expands the size and scope of the Ken 7 Windows Limited computing environment. The new infrastructure means more computers and more users. You know that the process of administering a larger, more complex environment requires a more formal approach. You have decided to implement the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to help organize your efforts.
Consider the list of security administration tasks below. After each task, indicate the phase of the PDCA cycle to which it belongs. Write at least two pages that describe why the task belongs to the phase you chose and how each task makes your environment more secure.
Security administration tasks:
Write password policy to enforce complex passwords.
Identify settings that have changed for a specific computer by analyzing the output of a baseline comparison, then list settings that should be changed.
Use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) to scan for current software versions.
Lock the door to the data center.
Use a packet sniffer to see if network traffic is encrypted.
Develop daily server backup procedures.
Apply software security patches.
Update antivirus signature databases.
Monitor log files.
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Final project

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Final Project

Your written assignment is as follows:

Part 1

  1. Locate a publicly traded company in an industry that interests you. Find a publicly traded competitor which is suitable for a merger or acquisition with this firm.
  2. Write a ten page double spaced paper (not including exhibits) on why the company should be acquired and what purchase price should be paid. Your analysis should include the “real” reasons behind the merger and not the standard answers. Major topics should include: A brief background of the industry which the company operates, a background on the company and the management team, the acquisition purchase price (you may want to include a base purchase price and the maximum purchase price your firm would be willing to pay), what makes this merger a good fit, a brief strategy on how the company will operate after the merger, and how the deal would be financed.
  3. You have an enormous amount of material to use for this project. Annual Reports and 10Ks can be obtained by contacting the company’s Investor Services Department.

Part 2

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation as though it was before the Board of Directors of the company and include it with your paper. Your presentation should include the following:

  1. A brief history on the company to be valued
  2. How that company fits into the industry
  3. The valuation of the target company
  4. A conclusion or recommendation to acquire or walk away from the deal

This is a big project, Remember to keep it simple. If you can’t explain the product to a 12 year old kid, stay away from it. Also keep in mind that financial companies and airlines are notoriously complicated.

you should choose a company first and when you choose a company please tell me and discuss with me before you start

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