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Final Project
For your Final Project, you will write a 12–15 page theory paper articulating your couple/family theoretical orientation.
Your paper must include the following elements that evolve from your personal theoretical orientation:

The basic view of human nature as seen through your theoretical lens
Key factors that account for changes in behavior
An explanation of how intervention strategies are designed within this theoretical orientation
An explanation of how your theory conceptualizes mental health
Key factors that contribute to healthy family/couple relationships
A description of the counseling process within this theoretical orientation (include the key goals of marriage, couple, and family counseling)
The techniques used across the counseling process
The nature of the counselor-client relationship and its relative importance
The role of the marriage, couple, and family counselor
An explanation of the relationship between your individual theory and your couple/family theory (include ways in which your individual theory and your couple/family theory are congruent)
An explanation of the particular techniques and procedures of your approach (note specific populations or client issues best suited for this approach, as well as those least suited for this approach)
Based on your couple/family theory, develop a primary intervention program for an area of need in your community or professional area of interest (include the purpose of the program, client population, and four major characteristics of the program that would contribute to its effectiveness)

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