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Government discussion board and replying to one student

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To get started with the discussion forums, first, click on the word “thread” to begin a new post. After your post, reply to one of your classmates by clicking on their discussion link and hitting the reply button.Discussion Board Participation- “Meet and Greet” and “Thought Sessions” (1 @ 40 Points and 2 @ 20 points each = 80 points) Read Carefully!You are required to participate in three online discussion board forums. The first “Meet and Greet” session, where you introduce yourself to the class, is worth 40 points. The other two are “thought sessions” that will be centered on a particular theme and are worth up to 20 points each (40 total points), depending on quality and length of the required posts. Participation in the thought sessions includes an initial posting by students specifically answering the question posed and at least one secondary post making a critical response to at least one other student’s post. The response to another student can indicate agreement or disagreement or other comment but must be substantive in explaining the reasons for the comments. The initial post and secondary response post will be weighted equally (up to 10 points each, for a total of 20 points) when grades are assigned. Therefore, to receive full credit for participation on each Thought Session, you must make two posts at a minimum, each post worth up to 10 points. The first post (your initial post) must respond to the original question, while the second post must respond to at least one of your classmate’s postings on the topic by the due date.Consider each post as a “micro” essay of several (two or more) thoughtful paragraphs including at least 5 or 6 sentences each. This is the bare minimum for any credit, however, and it does not guarantee full credit or even a passing grade. You may earn only minimal credit even if you meet this minimum quantity requirement, because quality is more important than quantity. However, any post consisting of less than 5 or 6 sentences in a single post will receive no credit at all. This applies to any reply posts as well as your initial post. Please check the Discussion guidelines and directions under Course Information tab. There you will find additional information, instructions, the grading rubric that will be used to score your posts, and examples of model posts from prior course participants who received full credit. Save your work before posting on discussion board. If for technical reasons your posts are lost, you can simply copy and paste your saved work to the discussion board again.Warning: For other students to have time to respond to your post, your initial must be made 48 hours before the due date. Because “thought Sessions” require an initial post and a response post by the due date, late discussion board postings cannot be accepted and will not be graded.

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