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I have uploaded all the materials, please complete the work according to the material requirements, thank you.


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Half draft

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

  • Your Half Draft
  • An essay taking a stand and making arguments in support of a view or course of action on the issue, problem, or controversy developed in Writing Project 3.
  • Clearly focused, debatable, and supportable thesis statement advocating your view on the problem or controversy
  • Use of evidence from sources, objectively and accurately interpreted, to support your arguments
  • Effective reasoning that demonstrates how the evidence supports the thesis and the specific arguments being made
  • A logical organizational structure that clearly and effectively guides readers through the arguments being made
  • Introductory paragraph and body paragraphs that present and support your arguments, with topic sentences and transitions. (For this half draft, include as many of your arguments as you can develop within the word count restrictions)
  • Use of evidence from sources; at least 5 quotations and/or paraphrases, clearly discernible from each other and from the writer’s voice and cited using correct in-text citations
  • Use of at least 3 relevant and highly credible sources, at least 2 of which come from the Ivy Tech Library databases. (No Print Sources.)
  • APA or MLA manuscript style, as specified by your instructor, with in-text citations and a References or Works Cited list including ALL sources used. (References or Works Cited list does not count in the minimum word-count requirement)
  • Observation of the conventions of Standard English
  • 700-900 words (no more, no less) for half draft (the minimum 200 words for your purpose statement is not included in this count)

700-900 words (no more, no less) for the half draft (the minimum 200 words for your purpose statement is not included in this count

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