Hallmark Assignment :Issues and Trends in Contemporary Nursing

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Hallmark Assignment :Issues and Trends in Contemporary Nursing

This semester we have reviewed a various Issues and Trends in Contemporary Nursing Practice. Many objectives have been addressed and met. Please take a moment to reflect on the objectives of the course and develop an 8 page scholarly paper stating how you have met the outcomes of this course.

APA format with in-text citations

Course Outcomes to answer in the paper

1. Demonstrate understanding and competence in making decisions in nursing which will promote client-centered care, taking into consideration ethical, clinical, cultural, spiritual, and political implications.
2. Demonstrate intentional learning with reflection as it relates to decision-making in nursing.
3. Understand processes of making decisions in nursing, and apply evidence in supporting concepts and processes which relate to practice.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of how decision-making in nursing practice relates to clinical reasoning and critical thinking, taking into consideration the many facets of decision-making in nursing.
5. Demonstrate leadership in organizational, local, and global environments as it relates to decision-making in nursing.
6. Communicate effectively and therapeutically, with and without the use of technology, while making decisions in nursing practice.
7. Propose evidence-based, culturally-competent nursing care which promotes standard safe practices along with error and hazard prevention and quality improvement practices.
8. Participate as a collaborative team member in understanding and implementing client care, and in promoting the health of clients while making decisions as nurses in practice.

Final Project – a scholarly paper is written on achievement of the eight outcomes . The learner writes an APA formatted paper on meeting the course outcomes listed above

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