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Happy Endings Character Comparison Contrast English homework help

Option 2: Character Comparison-Contrast
Now that you have observed the attributes of the characters in the short stories “A&P” and “Greasy Lake,” write a character-analysis essay, using the comparison-contrast mode, in which you compare two major or minor characters from two short stories in Chapter 21: “Fiction for further reading.”  Use specific language from Chapters 14 and 17 when crafting your analysis. Use specific language from Chapter 8, concerning comparison-contrast essays. Compare and contrast the respective language, style/tone the particular author may employ in developing the characters. How are these different than or similar to the other character the other author is employing? How is the language, style/tone different or similar to the other character and why? Be sure to discuss character type and to thoroughly evaluate the character. In other words, use the two different characters as a central focus in developing your comparison-contrast analysis.
For a successful paper:

Have a strong thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph.
Use a “hook” in the introduction paragraph to grab your readers†attention.
Use specific textual support from the short story in the body of your paper.
Finish with a strong conclusion that summarizes your main points, restates the thesis in some way, and possibly returns to the initial “hook.”
Proofread for errors in spelling, grammar, and writing mechanics. Vary sentence structure and sentence length to add interest.
Follow APA guidelines with regard to font style, size, margins, and spacing. For specific information, go to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
Use APA when citing the text; include a reference page citation at the end of the paper for the short story in the anthology. See the tutorial in Module 1 or consult CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (used for this class).
If you have questions about citing in APA, contact the CSU-Global Librarian at library@csuglobal.edu.

***Below is the attached essay, I already completed most of the assignment, I just need an extra paragraph or two incorporated in my essay using the comparison and contrast method  using the respective language/ style tone used in both stories.In the essay incorporate any information you think is needed to make the essay stand out, and check the essay for any grammars or spellings. Include the question along with the response and make sure to include a conclusion. If you feel that the essay doesn’t make any sense, try to fix it ! thankyou.***
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