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Has The United States Supreme Court Become Too Politicized

Papers will be two to three pages, double spaced with one inch margins.  Please ensure the font is set at 12-point Times New Roman.  Proper use of MLA, APA or Chicago (student’s choice) citation formatting will be required. 
The below rubric will be used to grade papers.  Grading is broken down into four sections: Format, Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation, Organization, and Use of Critical Thinking and Logical Argument.
Paper Topic:
This is a position paper which requires you to take a stance and back that stance through critical thinking and developing a logical argument.  You will need to pick from one of the following questions as the topic of your paper:  Has the Office of the President of the United States become the Imperial Presidency? Has the United States Supreme Court become too politicized? Has the United States Senate 60-vote, filibuster rule made Congress ineffective?
You will be required to cite from two to four reputable sources, exclusive of your textbook.  You will use either MLA, APA or Chicago (student’s choice) citation methodology for this paper (we will discuss further in class).
To assist you in ensuring you are on the right track, please submit paper topic, proposed thesis/stance, main points, and the counter-argument that you will address (example will be given in class) by October 5, 2020.
I have provided in the Paper #2 folder a list of Research Terms to help get you started on this paper.
https://scholar.google.com/ (Links to an external site.)    unlike regular Google, Google Scholar only searches for academic papers and applicable case law from reputable and reliable sources.
https://www.alamo.edu/sac/about-sac/college-offices/library/ (Links to an external site.)    this is the San Antonio College library site.  More information is provided in our Canvas class as a module.  You pay a library fee as a part of your tuition, you might as well get your money’s worth.
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