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Multiple Choice Question 167
Financial information is presented below:

Operating expenses
$ 43000

Sales returns and allowances

Sales discounts

Sales revenue

Cost of goods sold

Gross Profit would be





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Help on this

I’m studying and need help with a Law question to help me learn.

The legal researcher uses predictive and persuasive writing for different purposes, so it is important to know when each is used and the differences between the two. It is also important for the legal researcher to be able to produce a variety of documents that contain either predictive or persuasive writing. In this discussion board, we will examine examples of each and discuss some of the differences.

Predictive and Persuasive

As we construct a predictive memorandum this week, how can that be contrasted with a persuasive writing such as in an appellate brief? What differences in writing technique will you implore to explain the law rather than argue it? Can the organization or research plan for a predictive writing be the same used for a persuasive writing? How are you implementing an outline and your research in your assignment this week?

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