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history question

I need help with a History question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

In Unit 8, we will focus our study on the secession of the South from the Union and the events of the Civil War. This will include the causes of the war, which spanned greater than the issue of slavery. As a nation divided, each side presented different strengths and weaknesses. Through our learning of the Union and Confederacy, major battles, and turning points of the Civil War, we will see the results of a nation that fought against itself.


  • Identify the reasons for the South’s secession from the United States and its decision to establish the Confederate States of America
  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses between the Union (North) and Confederacy (South) at the outbreak of the Civil War
  • Describe the major events of the Civil War and identify the turning points that will lead to the surrendering of the Confederacy


  • Read, view/review Unit Readings & Resources
  • Actively participate in Unit Discussion(s)
  • Submit Final Research assignment
  • Complete student survey
  • Item

    Readings and Resources

    Ebook:OpenStax College, U.S. History. OpenStax College. 23 December 2014. (Download for free at http://cnx.org/content/col11740/latest/)

    Primary Source Documents:


    Watch Video The Civil War: The Gettysburg Address Duration: (5:54)
    User: kenburnspbs – Added: 8/2/12 YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCXUbQ4JjXI
    Watch Video American Civil War Timeline 1861-1865 Duration: (7:26)
    User: storiesofusa – Added: 8/12/10 YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gfl6rHFUuQ
    Watch Video Civil War Veterans on Film Duration: (3:29)
    User: insidekearnycastle – Added: 6/29/11 YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeLGasX8FHk
    Watch Video The Civil War: The Cause Duration: (3:39)
    User: kenburnspbs – Added: 8/2/12 YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN2huQB-DmE

    Supplementary Materials:In your online text titled, “History in the Making: A History of the People of the United States of America to 1877,” read the following:

    • Chapter 16: The Civil War (pages 701-779)
  • Unit 8.1 DB: Patriots versus Rebels Review the political, economic, and ideological reasons for the outbreak of the American Revolution and the Civil War. After your analysis of this information, answer the following questions:
    • What makes the Confederates different from the American colonists?
    • What makes the Union different from England?
    • Why were the American colonists considered Patriots while the Confederates were considered rebels?

    When responding to classmates, include additional information for why you agree with their position or information explaining why you do not agree with their position.Make sure to provide cited information to support your positions. All work must be in APA format.

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