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In this course, you have learned about the range of exceptionalities in children from low-incidence disabilities to gifted and talented, and also twice-exceptional children.
Given the realities of budget cutbacks, financial challenges, and legal requirements of schools, the focus tends to be on evaluating and providing interventions for students on the disability end of the exceptionalities continuum, rather than on those considered gifted and talented.
Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research gifted and talented students. Then, reflect on what you have learned throughout this course.
Based on your research, respond to the following:
Part I

What arguments can you make for focusing time and resources on children with disabilities, rather than on those considered gifted and talented?
What arguments can be made for focusing on those considered gifted and talented?
Given what you have learned about the continuum of exceptionalities, what recommendations would you make? Provide reasons to support your answer.

Remember to consider ethical and legal arguments.
Part II

Explain why the term exceptionalities includes a continuum from those with low-incidence disabilities to gifted and talented. What do all of these children have in common?
Describe something new that you learned, including how it might have changed your viewpoint on children with exceptionalities (such as, how research differs from what you thought was true or how an opinion or perspective was challenged).
Discuss something you learned in this course that you would like to continue learning more about. How might you apply this knowledge in your career goals?

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.
Provide a statement of clarification, a point of view with rationale, challenge a point of discussion, or draw a relationship between one or more points of the discussion. The following are some possible discussion points:

The potential personal and societal consequences of not identifying children considered gifted and talented and providing them support
The importance of identifying individual strengths, rather than focusing solely on deficits (a main focus in this course)

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Homework Question

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If you were the professor and were asked to evaluate a research paper, how would you approach the grading? What elements would you look at in a paper? Are some more important than others? What is the role of basic English writing skills versus demonstrating content knowledge about the topic? How would you evaluate a research paper?

There are many ways of grading. You can look at progress from where the student starts, you can grade on accuracy of the content, and you can try to assess lower level versus higher level critical thinking. You can evaluate logical threading, a strategic approach to the paper, the nature of the sources. You can think of the paper as the end product of a long research effort or you can approach it as if the one paper you are grading is just one of many in a long list that a student will be preparing in all the student’s courses for the degree.

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