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How to respond to a students response 2

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Leadership can be defined as “the process of influencing others to facilitate the attainment of organizationally relevant goals” (Ivancevich, Konopaske, and Matteson p.435). I do think that in all forms of businesses, companies, and organizations, there should always be clear leadership. It is factual that being a leader does not require specific titles. In the workplace, we can be easily persuaded that those in management and human resource are the general leaders. Looking at my organization, there are specific members of my team who are leaders and responsible for certain things. The leadership can be as small as checking off names of who is present for fire drills or severe as being named and delegated as the President or CEO of the company. We were afforded the opportunity to partake in “Task and People Orientation”. The 34 questions/statements are shaped around your leadership style. From our answers, we tallied up our overall scores. Out of 34 responses, I was scored 5 for people oriented and 10 for task oriented. This makes complete sense to me because I am not strong in the area of taking chances. I am very strategic and majority of everything I o or support is strategic. I do feel that I possess the needed strength and willingness to lead properly. The bible said, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there I safety” (Proverbs 11:14, English Standard Version). God gives us all individual yet special gifts and talents. Not everyone is made to lead because if they were, there would be no one to lead. We are to imitate the greatness of God and display his works in all we do. Our Christian Worldview should not only be applied spiritually but in every aspect of our lives. There is no greater joy than knowing who you are and whose you are.


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