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How to respond to a students response 2

I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

Hi Everyone!

Working within a library already, soft skills are something that are very important. Between having a good relationship with your coworkers and patrons, everyone can learn more skills. In order, I would put the 5 soft skills as leadership, effective communication, problem solving/critical thinking, strong work ethic and collaborative teamwork.

With working in the Library system already, having leadership skills and effective communication can make or break library workers. With leadership skills, it’s always important to be running a tight shift. Whether you work as an aide or a branch manager, someone needs to be able to call the shots with confidence. When it comes to effective communication, that runs a bit with leadership and collaborative teamwork. I see both of them as the same type of skill level. Being able to be open and honest with your coworkers and helping/pitching in with anything that needs an extra pair of hands. In my own case an extra set of eyes if we get a damaged book or a patron that isn’t allowed in the library just yet. It’s all about running a tight ship and that everyone knows what they are supposed to do and that they can talk to higher ups without fear.

Outside of the work environment, I try to go with problem solving. Making sure that every possible route has been taken before “calling” it quits. And even if it’s just myself personally or with a group, trying to make sure we solve a problem that has arises before moving onto something new. Case in point when we could find a place to take photos and everyone was getting upset with each other. I was able to get everyone to calm down to figure out the problem and find a new location. Overall, each one of the skills is important, whether in the workforce or outside of it. It is very important to not only learn, but use them in everyday life.

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