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You will interview a friend or family member about an incident in his or her daily life using two of these techniques: traditional, structural, or inferential interviewing techniques, or behavioral techniques. For example, he or she can tell you about their trip to the grocery store or bank. You should include as much detail as possible; for example, what car they drove, what route they took, which people they met, what they ate.
Write a 1-page paper (200-250 words) summarizing the story your friend or family member told you while you were using the two distinct techniques. Note–Please refer to your textbook when selecting two of the techniques (traditional, structural, or inferential interviewing techniques, or behavioral techniques): Gosselin, D.K. (2006). Smart talk: Contemporary interviewing and interrogation (Custom edition). New Jersey:
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I need help with an assignment, please.

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American court dockets are crowded and expensive, yet the need for access to court process is great and the ability to get a fair court hearing is a treasured right of all Americans.

Taking into account all that you have learned in this course, compose a post of one to two paragraphs explaining your vision of the future of judicial administration. What techniques, technologies, or approaches will judicial systems adopt over the next twenty years to ensure that courts run smoothly, yet remain accessible to the public to serve the ends of both civil and criminal justice?

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